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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Its Official

Its official, I am now a Senior Citizen
Happy 60th Birthday !!!
to ME
and to
My Brother In Law
Mike  4/10
My Sister In Law
Hubby took me to the Texas Roadhouse for a steak dinner
and we stopped at Publix's Bakery and picked up my Birthday Cake
It is a Chocolate cake with chocolate whipped cream icing and a Chocolate Ganache with Chocolate dipped Strawberries...  


I almost forgot, my handsome son in law who is married to my beautiful step daughter and the father my awesome 6 grandchildren shares his birthday with me.
Happy Birthday Phillip

you didn't make the senior list as you are still so young, even though you have more gray hair than I do...
OK Jen, I updated the blog just for you  LOL


ga447 said...

Happy Birthday, 60 is okay - 62 is when the bones start to heart.

Jen said...

YOu forgot Phil today too lol

barbara woods said...

happy birthday

Anonymous said...

The minute I received a Welcome to AARP at the age of 50 I knew that Senior stuff was upon me.

Yes, I asked for those Senior discounts IMMEDIATELY!

However, I was 60 when receiving a notification that my bone marrow was no longer needed.

Your work is beautiful.

Meira Shana said...

When I received a snail mail from AARP it shocked me to find out that at 50 I was a Senior.

I immediately took all the Senior Discounts however! Yea for me!!

Then when I was 60 a notification came in the snail mail to inform me that my bone marrow was no longer needed.

Your work is lovely!