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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Spring has sprung in my area, the Azaleas are in bloom.. correction: some are in bloom, some bloomed earlier and as usual it rained and all those beautiful flowers are gone. I love the beauty of this area when the Azaleas bloom, I just wish they would last a little longer.
Robins were seen weeks ago in our yard, not one but MANY, they must have be stopping by on their way up north, guess they need a bath, something to eat and drink as they hit the feeder and birdbath pretty hard.  Plus I have seen Mocking birds searching for places to build their nest. The birds in the area have also been raiding the pond area, just looking for the right building materials for their nests. I am also sure they are thanking our Poms for shedding their winter coats, as I brush the dogs outside and leave the fur in a basket which the birds raid.  Gotta have a nice soft nest for their babies..
Well, I didn't bake any Easter Egg Cakes this year.  Last year I made these to help my grand daughter out with a fund raiser for Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

But I did make some Easter Baskets for the grand kids, and I plan on making a Ham dinner for Easter.
I had grand plans of finishing up the grand kids quilts, but the stomach flu put a damper on getting those done this week.. So the new goal will be next week.. Maybe that is... you see next week I will be celebrating all week long as it is my last few days in the 50 category.. I guess next Thursday I officially become a Senior Citizen... WOW  Senior Discounts here I come.. 
I am not quite sure how I will be celebrating.. I would love to have a huge party with lots of music and dancing and great food and friends just like we use to celebrate.. but my friends and most of my family are in PA or scattered all over the US.. So that is out..  So maybe a small gathering with the family that is here, or maybe not, maybe a lovely dinner at my favorite steak house or Red Lobster with my husband, that would be nice.. Maybe a special cake, I would just love to have one of the fabulous chocolate cakes from the German Bakery in Indianapolis.. They were always my favorite.. But that is impossible so maybe a trip to Publix bakery for one of their cakes or I might just make my own. Maybe a new longarm will show up at my door complete with frame, guess not.. but I can dream can't I.  Maybe a new Brother Embroidery Machine might show up, Nope, hubby just bought me the Husqvarna machine.  So maybe a gift certificate to one of my favorite embroidery design sites.. like Embroidery Library  or AriZona Embroidery Barn, Maybe a Gift card to the Fat Quarter Shop, that would be nice too..
However I celebrate my birthday this year I am sure it will be quite special as I will be sharing my special day with the wonderful man I married..
The perfect 60s gift
A pair of Rockers for my front porch
isn't that the way it is suppose to be, grandma and grandpa rocking the days away
I Think NOT
I have to many things to do then just sit...
Have a great Holiday and on April 4th think of me and splurge with a piece of cake I know I will

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Sara said...

I love all your wishes! I think your hubby should read this post;)

I am looking forward to the hubby's B-day on the 16th of April so I can get him a cake from Harris Teeter:):)

Happy Early B-day!!