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Monday, March 18, 2013

Tempur Pedic warranty experience

 Years ago we bought a lovely bedroom suite and a mattress that we thought would be so comfortable.  I don't recall which company made that mattress but it was a standard one with springs and padding and after a few years it sagged and my hubby said he was so uncomfortable.  So off we went on a search for that comfortable mattress, which we found in a Tempur Pedic Celebrity.. Ours was the top of the line at the time, and it had what they called a padded  or Pillow top, which was a 2" layer of the foam on top of the thick mattress.  It was so comfy to sleep on, but over the years the stitching on the pillow top pulled loose and the side cording would pull and lay on the top of the bed, which I knew had to be uncomfortable to sleep on.  But even though our mattress was under warranty, I kept putting off calling anyone as I just knew like most warranties that they would pro rate and we would have to pay a difference.  I noticed that the mattress top had a zipper and my thought was to see if I could purchase a new cover making our mattress more comfortable. So I called and asked the lady who answered the phone if I could make that purchase and she said, but your mattress is still under warranty, let me connect you... Well, what a shock, the young lady in warranty dept.  was so helpful and friendly, she told me our mattress qualified for a full exchange and what I needed to gather to start my claim.  Thankfully I had placed the purchase receipt between the mattress and foundation as the salesman had told me to do.. I gathered the needed information that was listed in a email the warranty dept sent, took the pictures of the problem.  Since my mattress was no longer made I was sent a list of mattresses that I could choose from.. I was told I could go to a local showroom and test the mattresses and choose which one I would like.  I was told to check the Allura and the Cloud as they might be the closest to my mattress.. WE tested and WE choose the Cloud Luxe, This mattress gives you the feel of sleeping on a super soft bed, but yet is firm enough to support your body so comfortable..  I sent my email with all the information and pictures and within three days I had my answer.  My Cloud was on the way, 4 days later a trucking company pulled up, and the gentlemen delivered my new mattress and took away the old set.  WOW, was that so easy... I am so glad now that we invested in the Tempur Pedic Mattress, ou old mattress had a 20 year warranty, Mattresses are now being sold with a 25 year warranty... and they will make good on their warranty.  Would I ever buy from Tempur Pedic again... or would I recommend Tempur Pedic.. without a doubt and I can not believe the customer service I received from the company..  GREAT JOB Tempur Pedic   I also noticed that currently Tempur Pedic has interest free financing for 5 years.. so if you need a mattress set now might be the time to check into Tempur Pedic... 

OH and a little warning if you do buy a Tempur Pedic, there is one slight problem with the mattress... when it is first delivered you notice a new smell and it can be a little overpowering, I opened the windows and let the room and mattress air out.. two days and that smell is gone..
Now you ask am I being compensated for my review,

NOPE this is my experience with Tempur Pedic, I am not receiving anything in exchange for my post..
This is what our new mattress looks like.. beautiful quilted top..  Photo from Tempur Pedic web site.

The puppies are leaving home... The puppies are now 8 weeks old and today we made a trip to the Vet, the puppies were checked from nose to tail, they were poked and stuck and got a manicure. All are healthy and ready to go to their forever homes.  The little blue merle left right after our appt. His new mommy was waiting in the parking lot, he will be the playmate of another of our puppies that Timmy got for his wife, which means this is one lucky puppy.. Jackie will make sure to spoil both puppies, I mean after all she got Mario a playmate named Wilson..
He was my favorite little boy from this litter but I know he has a fantastic home with Tim and Jackie..
 Blue Merle
is in his new home
Little cream boy
love his pink nose 
and the two girls
so tiny
are all waiting for someone to take them home and love.


wilma b said...

Good deal with the mattress! That 'new' smell was probably the foam...we noticed it with our new mattress a few years back...

Your puppies are adorable... if I lived closer, I'd take one of the white gals in a flash!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Those are the sweetest puppies! AND no I don't want one...LOL.

I love the story about the mattress being replaced so quickly! I always make sure I shout out excellent customer service and those who stand behind their warranty....good for you!