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Friday, February 8, 2013

Spring ???

This weekend will find many of my northern friends and family digging out of snow, lots of snow... I remember those days all to well. There were storms in Indy when we couldn't get out of the door because of snow... and when in PA there were times I had so much snow in my driveway there was no way to dig my way out... and when I did do the digging to clear the path to the mail box then sure enough the plow would come and I would have 4 ft of snow pushed into the space I just cleared..  BUT I am now in the south and last week I saw my first robin in the yard... Today I noticed that there were buds on my trees and my Azaleas were starting to bloom... Blizzard up north, Spring in the South?????   I'm so confused.... LOL

OK, now for a little hint for all my male readers... pay close attention... NEXT Thursday is Valentine's Day... You know February the 14th... so don't wait till the last minute to order flowers, stop by the jewelers or the candy store... You have been given plenty of notice to get it all together for your special someone... don't forget or you will be in the dog house...

I just finished a baby quilt for Jen's friend...  I think it is for a baby shower as she did have a deadline on the finish date... But I am way ahead of schedule.
Pooh is still one of the favorites for babies... YEARS thirty something years ago my friend had decorated her daughters room in Pooh bears and he remains a favorite of mothers today.
 I thought I would also share the latest group of puppies.. two boys and two girls, they are just so cute..  Our Pom had 4 but Mel's dog had 8 
the Poms
Dachshund pups
and my son called to inform me that I am a puppy Nana... is there such a thing... oh well, he has added Ginger to his family. She is a Golden Lab and by the looks of her big feet she is going to be a big girl..

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Inch Worm Fabrics said...

We are having spring weather here in Washington also. We usually have snow at this time of year. It is crazy. Those puppies are so adorable.