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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Charity Quilts in progress

I have been a little busy these past two weeks in my sewing room. a couple of the quilt themes were closed which meant it was time for me to go to work and turn the counted cross stitch squares that the ladies from The World of Charity Stitching group sent me. So without further ado, here are the results. The tops are assembled and ready to be quilted.
Lighthouse Theme # 1

Lighthouse Theme # 2
Fruits and Berries # 1

Fruits and Berries # 2
Tea Cups # 1

and my favorite Tea cups # 2
I have two Elvis tops to assemble and then on to the quilting machine..Of course these will fall in line behind the grand kids quilts. It was too cold in December to work on those, but now that the garage is warmer I need to finish those quilts.
Puppies are getting bigger, they are now eating on their own, and in a couple of weeks they will be ready to find their forever homes.
The Girls
I did have a lady who might take both of the girls

This is Troubles, he is always into something, he is the largest puppy and the bully of the bunch
and last but not least is Blu, he is a blue Merle and has blue eyes, one is lighter then the other. He has found a home, he will be heading to live with the man and lady who took the sable male from our last litter.. this little guy will be one spoiled pup.


Rita E in AZ said...

Your quilt tops are beautiful

Katy said...

Love love love Teacup Quilt Two, but they all look great!

Terri said...

Beautiful quilts!!! And I love the puppies!! Too cute!!