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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day 2013

Hope you all have a fantastic day, and your sweetie brings you lots of goodies.
Are these two lovely boxes mine??? NO They are for our girls for Valentines Day.. I always try to make the holidays a little special for the kids and grand kids.. My Son got a box of candy, He loves my peanut brittle and I guess I didn't send enough at Christmas so he got a big box with a surprise inside for him and my daughter in law..
For the daughters that live here we had planned on taking them out to a nice lunch as we do every year.. But one has to work and the other one called to say she is sick..  We will drop Jen's Valentine off today when hubby and I go out for our special dinner.  Mel's husband stopped here last night and picked up the Valentine's for her and the grand kids.  OH Well, nothing goes as planned all the time.
As for me and my Valentine..  
What is in  my future, Candy, Flowers, Diamonds, a Coach Purse, NO TO ALL.. 
 My hubby knows me well. he knows what I like.
Flowers wilt and die, candy makes me fat, I have a purse and jewelry, so what is left??  A new car maybe, NO!  a new fridge or stove,  NO!  
 how about a new vacuum, well really he does know never to go that route.. 
 But there is something that you plug in to make it work... A new toy for me, I just love new toys, that is when the new toy is a sewing machine... YEP  got me a new toy... and what a learning curve this machine is going to be.. 

If you don't hear from me for awhile, I am in the sewing room with the Do Not Disturb hanging on the door,  trying to figure this machine out...
Hope you all have a great Valentines Day..
Well, some of my sewing, embroidery and quilting friends wanted more info on the new toy... so here I am adding a update to my post.  The machine is a Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 sewing/embroider/quilting machine.  As for what it does, well as for what it does, I am still reading and learning all the functions of this machine. It is a older model, but there is only 250 hours on the machine, so I know the lady didn't use it that much.  She must have been in some kind of embroidery club as there were projects,  feet,  and hoops  that were never opened. There are also a lot of design disks that still have the shrink wrap on them.. I really wasn't planning on getting another machine type... I thought if I got a new machine it would be to up grade on one of the models I now have, either a Janome, Singer or Brother... BUT this deal was just to good to pass up.. I did join a Husqvarna Viking group so if I need help or information they can give me some insight. I did ask if they know where I can find either the software for 3D design as I have files in other machine formats and need to convert to SHV which is this machine's format. They had some good information.. I just need to check into the programs so I can convert designs to this machine's format. The lady I bought the machine from had 3D but she only sent CD 2 for the program so she is looking this weekend to see if she still has that disk, if not I need to purchase some kind of design software that will format SHV any one have any ideas.
OK up date is done... back to the post
Nursing Home Valentine's Day Delivery
This is the second year that members of The World of Charity Stitching Group stitched small hearts that were made into Valentine Cards for the seniors at the nursing home.  Just a small gesture to let these lovely people know that someone still thinks they are special.  One of our members stitched lots of bookmarks that went into each card and some pillows were sent along with some personal care items in little heart bags.

Valentines for the Seniors at the nursing home all ready to go
some of the cards WOCS members made for the Seniors



Jen said...

kids and I loved our Valentines...thanks to you and dad!

Jen said...

we loved our valentines! Thank you both

Dianna Blair said... big tease...what kind of toy is it. We want details. Brand, model, what it does, you know, the works. LOL