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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chocolate Basket

Mel had her foot surgery last Monday, she is home taking it easy, her hubby and sometimes her children   are cooking and taking care of the chores for her. (note: I said sometimes, you know how teenagers are LOL).. Mel posted on Facebook one day last week that her foot hurt and she wanted Chocolate....
Do you think this works
All kinds of Chocolate YUMMM

She loved it.....

As for our weather status, we have been having out of state family members call today checking up on us.  For all friends and family, we are fine... Hurricane Isaac made landfall further west of us.  We did get some of the bands of wind and rain but all is well at the house. 

It was so funny yesterday, we have hummingbird feeders hanging in front of the kitchen window and on hubby's workshop porch.. Well yesterday with the Hurricane heading our way, I took down all planters and feeders... I kept watching and the hummingbird kept checking where the feeder hung, they just couldn't figure out were it went... I felt so bad for them and I hung the feeder back up, if the wind got really bad I would take it down again.  Well as the winds and rain pelted us all day, I watched that little bird... it sat on the feeder, not eating but just sitting there... I think he was afraid I would take it away again..  I watched as he chased the other hummingbirds away from his feeder.. So I again felt bad and put up all the feeders, three of the birds took charge of a feeders, they protected it all day yesterday, the wind and rain didn't bother them at all, and today they were still sitting there.  Guess my neighbor took her feeders in as these guys don't hang out here, they usually come and go.

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