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Friday, August 17, 2012

Charity Quilts are done

All the quilts I have been working on these past few months are now finished and ready to be delivered.  Ladies from The World of Charity Stitching group stitched the squares and sent to me to be made into these beautiful quilts that will bring smiles to the children and seniors who receive them. Most of these quilts along with tote bags and pillows will be delivered in December along with cards, sachets, Kleenex holders, and other small items.

what a beautiful site,
14 quilts ready to be delivered to Ronald McDonald House and a Nursing Home

Country Quilt
CCS Square stitched by WOCS members, log cabin blocks by WOCS member Gisela

Cupcake quilt,
 this was a very popular theme and members stitched enough cupcakes for another quilt. 

Family Quilt
Squares donated to WOCS from another CCS group, Sm HST blocks from a reader of our FB page

Farm Quilt,
I had left over hens and roosters from that quilt and members stitched other farm animals to make this great farm themed quilt...  John Deer hat fabric donated by WOCS member

Hens and Roosters quilt,
  Hen fabric donated by WOCS member

French Country Quilt
My Birthday request quilt, to celebrate my birthday this year, I bought the JBW Designs French Country Animals Patterns, gave them to WOCS members who stitched the squares.. I requested all squares be stitched with green floss. This is a beautiful quilt and will make a senior lady so happy. Thanks to Judy at JBW Designs for the great patterns.

Birds Quilt,
another one of the multi colored quilts, this time was birds pattern.

Owl Quilt,
 Squares donated to WOCS, plus squares by WOCS members, top assembled by Dona and quilted by ME

Patriotic Quilt

Snow Globe quilt #1
Snow globe designs donated by Vee and Company

Snow Globe quilt #2
this was such a popular project that we ended up with enough squares to make a second quilt.
Special thanks to Vee and Company for the pattern donation

Sports theme quilt,
Top assembled by WOCS member Laurie, quilted by ME

Hearts and Flowers Quilt,
Stitched by WOCS members, top by Dona, quilted by me, sent to Aurora CO for victims or first responders

Scroll Square Multi Colored quilt
Special thanks to WOCS member Kell for her great pattern.

Now that these quilts are finished and as I wait for the new CCS to come in for more WOCS quilts, I will be working on quilts for my grand children. 
 I am finally making a quilt for My bed, I found beautiful fall colored fabric and decided it was time to put everything else aside and make something for our bed.. My fall quilt is cut out and last night I started to assemble the blocks...


Barb said...

Oh my gosh, you are totally amazing...the quilts are wonderful!

Sara said...

sweeeeeet! You are going to bless so many!