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Thursday, July 5, 2012

More items for the nursing home

I have been making a few pillows to match the quilts that are in the works for the nursing home... I also finished the Scroll Square quilt top and it will be added to the other tops waiting for quilting.. I have the French Country quilt to assemble and then I will be ready to set up Nellie Belle my quilting machine... Looks like a busy week next week... at least the beginning of the week as Thursday will be another injection in my neck and the Meds they give me will make me sleep the rest of the day..

This is the Scroll Square quilt top, waiting for the quilting machine

To answer a question on the location where the quilts are photographed.. This is the porch of my Husband's wood working shop, I love the look of aged wood and if you look to the right you might see the pond area.. you might even catch a glimpse of the back patio of my house... there use to be a gazebo over the Patio, but time and time again the gazebo has been destroyed. We had hurricane winds take out one, and its replacement was taken down by a tree man who missed his mark when clearing a tree damaged by a hurricane.  Two more were taken out by strong winds, one was only up a week when it went... so I decided to stop buying the expensive ones and now I get a new cheap one every year..

These are the pillows that will go with the quilts to the nursing home
WOCS members stitched the squares

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Barb said...

What a splash of fun and color you are giving the people at the nursing home....