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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Down on the Farm Quilt

Well to say the least things are not moving here as they should be this year.  Hubby was ill and required many hospital stays and lots of TLC, but he is getting better... Slow recovery but I feel he is finally on the right road. 
I have been dealing with neck pain again and I started back with Pain Management.  This past week I had my first injection in my neck, I am hoping that two will do the trick this time.  But if three are needed then I will have to go that route.
Plus I am now the surgate mom of three pomeranian puppies... Mama dog takes care of them for so long and then it is up to me to feed, wash and make sure are their little needs are met till they go to their forever homes.
Also our Mel has been having one problem after another. She was doing so well after her two surgeries, but then fate once again steps in and she hurt her ankle at work.  So it was WC docs and tests and therapy and nothing helped, she is now in walking cast and seeing a specialist, I sure hope her luck soon changes as she is really due for some Good Luck.
Jen, is just Jen, coping with running a photography business and having the kids home from school for the summer..
With all the above going on I still had time to cut out and or sew some quilt tops.   For my Charity Group, The World of Charity Stitching I just finished putting together the two farm themed quilt tops.
The original theme was Hens and Roosters, we got all that was needed for one quilt with some left over, so members stitched some other farm animals and a second quilt was made..
For Jen's kids I have 5 quilts now cut out and the embroidery is done on all of them, just need to sew them together and then quilt... Still waiting on the 6th member of that family to decide his theme.
Plus in a few months we will have another addition to the family, Another Niece is having a baby so I let her choose the designs for her baby quilt, she choose bunnies... so cute.
I also have MY Fall quilt all cut out and ready to sew... so I am hoping to get that one done this year, about time I make a quilt for ME...

farm theme, with John Deere fabric and colors, I just know some lucky guy at the nursing home will enjoy this quilt.

A wonderful selection of ladies surrounding the main man, If you look close at the center square the rooster looks so much like one pictured on ceral boxes.. Loved the hen fabric, it was the perfect touch.

Have a great weekend, as for me and hubby, We will be putting up corn today.  I bought a bushel of Silver King corn this weekend and now need to husk, clean, shuck, cut, and package for the freezer

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Gisela Suski said...

You are an amazing person and so much talent. Take care of yourself.