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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lizzy's Fund Raiser

my favorites, the Easter Eggs cakes

I am sure you all know that my grand daughter Lizzy met her goal with 1,000 cranes, she was able to present a check for $ 1,000 to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation at their kick off.  Saturday she had a bake sale which I made some items for.  I worked this week on making cake, cupcakes and candy for her sale.  This was a real family project as hubby helped me in the decorating. Jen made cupcakes, candy and cookies.  Another Success for Lizzy, she sold almost every item on her table...
We took the items I made to the school yesterday and the minute I unloaded the car the volunteers working on the sale swamped the table and were asking Jen for prices... She sold almost all the Egg shaped cakes while setting up... I was amazed that things went so fast, they also made a announcement to the teachers about the cakes for sale. 

Here are some of the items I made and took in to the school...
dozens & dozens of cupcakes

A few cookie shaped cakes
they look like a giant Oreo Cookie with a lovely cream filling

a Easter cake

more Easter cakes

and even more Easter cakes

 Our SIL came over and installed new faucets in the master bath so we didn't get to go to the sale, school was having a Relay for Life rummage sale too. 
What I just realized was that I did lots of baking this week, even baked and worked all day on the cakes on my birthday and I didn't even make ME a cake.. Oh well, guess you could say my birthday cake went to a good cause.... have a look at some of the items I made for the sale... You won't gain a pound by just looking....
and I had to make some peanut butter eggs, a favorite in this family

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