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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Been busy lately

I have been really busy lately and my poor blog again is left on its own.  I have been working like crazy to get the flower beds and gardens ready for spring. Cleaning out the beds, turning the soil, pulling up those pesty vines with thorns, and the wild blackberries that are everywhere.  I planted the beds out front and the porch pots, added mulch and it looks so nice... I also cleaned out the ponds, scrubbed them down and filled with fresh water and separated the pond plants. I got the ponds down just in time as we had a rainy weekend and that always bring out the toads and frogs looking for their mates. I even spotted eggs in the pond so it won't be long and the tadpoles will be enjoying their temporary home.

Hubby hadn't been feeling all that great and two weekends ago he got so short of breath that he spent the entire day Sunday sitting in his chair.  Monday he said he wanted to see the doctor as he knew something just wasn't right... so I called the ambulance and off he went. Jen and I spent the entire day with him in the ER as they ran test after test... he was admitted and he ended up spending the entire week there... Lots of tests, lots of medicine changes,  lots of injections, poor guy is black and blue all over from their needle stabs..  But he is home, on new meds, and we have lots of follow up tests and doctor appointments. We were told it might take him two or three months to regain his strength.

This coupled with the fact that DD had her own medical emergency's, two major surgeries and a month of recuperating for her, she is now back at work. 

Then my son called and his wife also had major surgery, hers was gall bladder, but she had problems, seems she had a leak and she is again in the hospital on a pain med drip.. she may have to have either one or two more surgeries.

Lizzy's 1,000 cranes

Our Grand daughter Lizzy, who did the cranes for a cure, she made 1,000 cranes for those who paid a dollar to have their name on the crane..  The cranes hung in the art room at her school and last week she presented a check for $ 1,000 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation at their kick off.  Buy Lizzy didn't stop, she is still collecting for JDRF and she is selling the green tennis shoe cards for $ 1.00 and this weekend at her school's rummage sale she will be having a bake sale.. Which I am making cakes for this week...   This little girl is only 10 years old and she is such a go getter... We are so proud of her and her fund raising, we are also proud of her Mother and Father who are taking the time to help her in her endeavors...

                                             Lizzy presenting a check for $ 1,000
Lizzy got a big thank you card and a bouquet of flowers

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SewCal Gal said...

I hope all is ok with DD.

While I may not always comment, I'm always here.

Blogs are best when you don't feel pressure to post at any point in time, as much as you have insight and time want to share.

I'll be here, when you have time to post (or offline).

Big quilty hug to you Bonnie.