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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME

Today is my ?? birthday and I decided that I would celebrate my birthday this year with a special Quilter's Request Quilt challange for my Charity Group  The World of Charity Stitching.  I found a delightful series called French Country by JBW Designs.  One of the groups members had stitched a Scotty Dog for our dog themed quilt and I just fell in love with it, so I went searching and found the JBW Designs web site.  I contacted the designer and owner of JBW Designs and asked her permission to use her French Country Designs in a quilt.  She agreed, so I checked in with the WOCS owners and recieved their permission for the quilt.  I picked out patterns and sent off for them.  I selected some of the animals and birds from the French country line..  Plus I also bought a high heel shoe and a purse pattern for another quilt. I have been teasing the members of the group with the coming quilt design and today I open the database, I just know the members will sign up for all the slots in record time.   I thougth your might like to have a look at what they will be stitching...

and for the fashion quilt if all the animals are chosen they will have the option of stitching

don't you think these will make wonderful quilts for the Seniors at the nursing home?

I also talked with Judy Whitman, the designer and owner of JBW Designs and here is what she had to say on her designs

                            My Interview with Judy Whitman designer and owner of JBW Designs

ME:  Judy thank you for allowing WOCS to stitch a quilt using only your French Country Designs. When finished the quilt will go to a Senior at the Century Care Center in Alabama.
Judy: I'm just delighted that you have fallen in love with the French Country designs, and would be proud to have them used in some of your quilts for charity. I'm so impressed with what you and your fellow stitchers and quilters are doing. Thank you for asking permission to use the designs.  This is so exciting and meaningful on several counts. Especially since my mom is in a nursing home with Alzheimer's and her birthday is in April also! Quite a co-incidence.
ME:  Judy, How did you get started in designing patterns.
Judy:  I have been involved in stitching for 40 years, I have been designing for over 25 years. I started out with Needlepoint, I took classes and decided I would love to share what I learned. I started teaching needlepoint and designing for my classes, I then converted my patterns for Counted Cross Stitch and JBW Designs was born. I love designing as I get to work from home.
ME:  Of all the wonderful patterns you have to offer, which ones are your favorites?
Judy:  I love all the designs, but I must say that the Country French Line is my favorite. I select a shape or outline of a item or animal, lets say a squirrel. I then think of things that remind me of a squirrel and add those little motifs to the design. If you look close you will find a S for Squirrel, hearts, squirrels, birds, nuts and whatever I think of when I think of a squirrel, then swirls and lines to fill in the rest of the pattern. French Country are just so much fun to design... I have a large selection of patterns in the French Country Line.
Some of my other favorites are the Alphabet of design, Homeward Bound and To The Sea.
ME: Thank You Judy for all your wonderful designs. We at WOCS look forward to a beautiful quilt made with your French Country Designs.
JBW Designs can be purchased at your local needle work shop or online at any of the online needle work sites. Check out all the beautiful designs by Judy Whitman, she has something for every style of stitching.
If you are interested in joining in on the stitching fun, you can go to and join the World of Charity Stitching  group. 


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