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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July

I know this is late, but I hope you all had a great 4th of July..  Sean and I are so tired as this weekend was a go, go, go type weekend..  Friday he worked day shift which left time to do some errands in the evening. 

Saturday Mel and the kids came in and we were off, searching for yard sales.. now most times on a holiday weekend there are tons of sales, but I guess it was just to hot and no one wanted to bother with holding a sale.. Oh we did find a couple, that weren't worth stopping at.

So our focus changed to hitting furniture stores looking for new living room furniture. This is what DH and I decided to do for our anniversary on July 9th.    But I really didn't find anything so we stopped for dinner and then on home.

 Sunday we decided to go to one of the local bases looking for furniture and I found a set we both liked, BUT  it would have to be ordered and that takes 6 to 8 weeks. Well I am impatience sort as I want it now, not two months from now. But they said to go ahead and put the order in and if I found something else I just needed to tell them that when the other set came in.  So the rest of the day was a easy day DH watched his races and I did some crafty type things.

Now it is Monday and we decided to again go to another base and check there.. At the Navy BX they had just the couch we were looking for, and it was on sale as it was the last one.. so we got it, they loaded it in the van and we headed back home. 

Jenny and her family came out later that day for a cookout.. and her husband Phil took over the grill... and what a job he did... He makes the BEST chicken on the grill, you could say he might give Bobby Flay a run for the money.  So any more cookouts and Phil can be the grill master...

 Now as for the rest of the day, Jenny and Phil have 6 children, and the youngest three were taking turns holding our new puppy.. Poor little puppy, I don't think her feet hit the ground for more then a minute.. She was carried every where.. But when they started fighting over who would hold her, I had to take her away.. Poor little kid, she zonked out when they left.. she was so tired.  Morris wanted to know if I liked bad puppies, he said his puppy was bad... Now his puppy is the one that Jen got and was told it wouldn't get big. Jen wanted a lap dog, this is the puppy I posted when they first got her, the one that looked like a St. Bernard... Well, she might not be a St. Bernard, but she is fast approaching that size.  Morris wanted to trade me his puppy Sally for my Misty... I don't think so... Jen had already threatened to just drop her off here... OH NO not that pony dog, my poor little fur babies would be so scared.

Monday night they had fireworks at the river in town, but we were just to tired to go anywhere... So Nana and Grandpa crashed after everyone left..... It was a fun filled weekend with great company, but we were tired...  

Oh and this morning, I had hubby get up and we loaded the old couch in the van to deliver to Mel...  I think Sean is glad to be going back to work tonight...

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