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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Quilt delivered

I am showing the quilt I couldn't post with the others yesterday... The Pet Quilt has been delivered and since it was a surprise for a member in our stitching group who happens to read my blog I had to wait to show it.  Sharon is a member of WOCS charity group who use to stitch for us, until her illness prevented her from being able to read patterns or stitch.  She is still a member of the group and she now makes cards to be delivered with the quilts, she donates supplies and supports the members in her emails.. So today, I LIED to Sharon to get her to meet us at a restaurant in town... I did apologize to her for the lie, but she forgave me...because it was the reason to get her to meet us.  She loved her quilt and was just so surprised by the gift..  Now she can be warm and toasty as she watches TV snuggled in her pet quilt...  This quilt seemed perfect for Sharon as she is a foster family for dogs in the area...

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ga447 said...

I am so happy that WOCS did this, perfect. I saw that smile. Heading out for PA on Thursday, currently in NY Long Island, going to Manhattan tomorrow.