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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Whew!!!!!! Puppies can wear you out

Remember those sweet little puppies I posted about.... WELL, They are surely making me old before my time.  The boys have a playpen in the living room were they spend the day and they are just fine.  However they sleep in our bathroom at night and at times they wake us up with their playing. Open the door and it is just like a horse race.. The two boys are off and running.
The sweet little girls no longer sleep in the back room with their Mom as they have learned how to escape from that pen, so they now sleep in the main bathroom and like the boys are off and running when the door opens.  The girls have a little makeshift pen in the living room and I might as well not even bother putting them in it.  The minute I turn my back they are up and over the little fence.  So I tried switching the pens, putting the girls in the playpen and the boys in the other one.  Well the boys stay put but the girls, Let's say I think they are part monkey and being that the playpen is about three foot tall I am afraid they might get hurt if they climb out.
Today was bath day for all the puppies and they did rather well.  The boys had been to the vet the other week and got their health certificate so they are ready to go.  The girls will be going next week for their appointment and then they will be ready for their new homes.  I will be so glad to see them go, all I do is change puppy pads, get them food and water, chase them all over the house, get them more food and water, fresh puppy pads, more chasing, and then they sleep for a little while, but then more food, more water, more pads, more chasing... I tell you it is worse then having a two year old running around the house... So keep your fingers crossed that they will soon find new homes and I will get some needed rest.  Puppies are advertised and we have had many responses on the girls, but the poor boys haven't had anyone ask about them yet.

Just for your information  SEWCALGAL's Christmas quilt show is in full swing and there are some really pretty quilts to see, I just started on the list and haven't seen them all yet.  So stop by her site, you can used the Christmas Quilt button on my side bar and support these ladies and their beautiful quilts, after all you might just get a few ideas of your own....


Tangos Treasures said...

Wow wore me out just from you telling it!! LOL

Joanne Lendaro said...

they are sooooooo cute!!!

sewmeow said...

They are darling.......and just like a bunch of little kids...wear us out so full of energy.

Stray Stitches said...

They are all so cute!!