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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Relief and my Saturday

I am so lucky, I went to the foot doctor expecting to get another of those injections in my heel and I was so relieved to get the news that he wasn't going to stick me... YEA...  Since the heel is doing much better, the doc decided to just do the strapping of the foot, add a wedge to my inserts and see how that helped, plus still doing the exercises and ice. 

Saturday we also got to head out and visit some yard sales, DH somehow managed to have the day off (he has been working overtime on weekends). We spent the entire day just around our little town, there were so many yard sales really close to home and we hit some really good ones. One place I bought a large box of fabrics for a dollar, plus lots of sewing notions that were in big baggies and priced at .25. Another place I bought some sewing items and the woman gave me a box of fabrics, she was ready to close up and wanted things gone. These fabrics will end up in my charity quilts, they are now being washed, dried, ironed and stored for future projects. I love shopping at yard sales and sometimes you find the best deals.

We also stopped at a estate sale and sometimes these sales just make me so sad. I get strange feelings when I go into a Estate sale home and start looking around, I think of the past owners and wonder where they are and why are their things being sold. I think of how they must have spent many hours purchasing these items and how upset they would be to have strangers going thru the things they loved. I think of the lady who picked out the fabrics and had planned on making something special but never got to start the project. She might have started a quilt and never finished, like my Mom did. To get through the feelings I think that I am helping that lady by buying her items and finishing them. The items won't go to where she planned they would go, but they will either be loved by my family or they will be donated to a senior somewhere and I am sure they will bring a smile.

We also stopped at some craft shows where I got some great ideas for new crafts. I bought a new towel for my stove, you know the kind where they knit the tops and it buttons over the stove handle. I did check out some of the quilts that were bring offered for sale, some were beautiful, some were just thrown together and there were some I would have ripped out and started again.  So lots of candles, soaps, jewelry, paintings, sewn items, knitted items, wood items and Christmas items were offered for sale, some good, some not, but it was fun and I love getting new ideas and visiting these crafty ladies.

We did stop by the grocery store on the way home and I was so tired and lazy and really didn't feel up to cooking when we got home. So I bought Hormel's Apple glazed pork chops and Bob Evans mashed potato's that I found in the meat section. Normally we don't like this pre cooked type meals as they just have a strange flavor or texture, but I was willing to give it a try.  I followed the directions, which were really easy. Remove cardboard sleeve, micro wave 4 minutes, let sit for 2 and then serve.  So how was dinner you asked.   REALLY GOOD, I was so surprised.  The pork chops were tender, juicy and had the wonderful apple glaze on them, the mashed potatoes were almost as good as real mashed potatoes, much better then the box kind.  I prefer real mashed potatoes, will make the box type if I am in a hurry, but now I have another choice and that is the deli style ones.  I will be buying these items again, Dinner cost $ 8.00 for the two of us last night so I would say that is a pretty good value as well, plus we had leftover mashed potatoes and corn, DH finished off the pork chops. 

Only problem  with my day was I think I over did it with all the walking, as last night it was hard to walk on that foot again. I broke down and late last night took my pain meds and went to bed. I really hate the pain meds as the next day I feel like I am walking in a fog all day, but it was necessary.

I am still in my blue phase, but I am more like a light blue now rather then the dark blue I was feeling the other day.  I need to get back to being in the pink again, oh and a special thanks to my friends who sent emails trying to cheer me up, loved the jokes... Thanks... 

Special notice, check the Nanbon's corner site next week as I will have a giveaway listed, I don't know what just yet, but I will get it posted after I decide and get some pictures taken..

Nana Bonnie


Stray Stitches said...

You had a very busy day - no wonder your foot was protesting. Maybe you can relax and enjoy some of your purchases today.

quiltingnana said...

know what you mean about the foot...dealing with the same issue myself. My doctor has me going to PT. Take it easy Bob Evans food...will check out your recommendation

Canadian Kristin said...

Glad it's a lighter shade of blue!!! Super glad you didn't need the needle! Sounds like a relaxed day: awesome!!!