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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

EQ 7 and Cruise

Look what my wonderful Hubby bought me, Electric Quilt 7 software. I know I tried to win a version, I tried to have my blog chosen to host a giveaway, but no luck for any of those. I have been using the EQ Wizard to design the quilts I make for my charity group and I really liked it. EQ Wizard was a real help to me, making my job of designing and sewing these quilts go so smoothly. I just loved my EQ Wizard but I wanted more, I wanted to have all the whistles and bells there was, guess I am just a computer geek at heart. Now that I have the EQ 7, I need to get busy and learn how to use it, there are so many things this program can do. So I will be busy for quite some time with my eyes glued to this computer screen, learning my new software.

Now the reason for this post, EQ is planning a cruise, OH how I would love to be on that ship. Cruising is my favorite kind of vacation and a EQ Cruise well, lets just say that it will be simply fabulous. Here is the information if you are looking for THE VACATION of your dreams.

Register now for the EQ Cruise! If you're thinking of signing up for this late January cruise, now's the time. Really. The cruise is filling up, and we want to save room for you! Sign up now to join us on a 10 Day / 9 Night Caribbean Cruise - January 28-February 6, 2011. You'll have sun and EQ fun with top-notch teachers Barb Vlack & Mary Ellen Kranz. Come home knowing more about EQ7 and with small sewn projects featuring your own cruise photos. BONUS: You'll learn how easy it is to take better vacation (and quilt) photos with one of the quilt world's best photographers and teachers, Gregory Case. See more details about this first-ever EQ cruise.

EQ site now has EQ7 Demo Videos too. Guess where I will be spending my time tonight.... watching informative videos, reading all I can and learning about my newest toy....

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