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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Allison in Wonderland Tea Party items

The wait is over, the Allison in Wonderland Tea Party themed decor is done and ready to delivery.  I promised to give you all a quick view of the decorations I have been working on for the past month or so. If you are new to the blog let me give you a little background.  My step daughter Jenny and her Husband Phillip are Jewish, they have 6 children. The oldest had her event two years ago, the next was this spring and now it is Allison's turn.   Emily's Theme was a Hawaiian Luau, Jack's Theme was Chinese, year of the Tiger , there are old posts you can check to see their decor. Allison is the third child and she is called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah in Sept.. Afterwards there will be a Tea Party which is also a celebration of her birthday. With the movie Alice in Wonderland in the theaters she wanted to change her Tea Party to a Mad Hatter's Tea Party. My mind has been in over drive coming up with all kinds of decorations for her event, Her Allison in Wonderland Tea Party.

Lavender Sachet favors in the shape of a strawberry w/roses,lace & pearl trim and they smell so good.

A White Wicker Basket full of the Sachet Favors. 

Mushroom containers for Children's Favors 

Mushrooms Favors filled with Tiny Beanie Babies 

Girls Favor boxes arranged in a wire basket.
 Plastic favor box, trimmed with felt flower and holding a little bracelet 

Soaps in the shape of Roses and Teapots for the restrooms
and as a favor as well, there is a box full

Fancy Tea Cups filled with Sweetheart Roses, Baby's Breath and a Heart, sitting on a whimsical polka dot base with a puppy, kitten and a old time shoe. I know why the puppy and kitten, well that was Ally's first theme, puppy's and Kitten's, I suggested the tea party and that was fine as long as there were puppies and kittens, this kid is such a animal lover. So theme was changed but the puppies and kitten's stayed. The boots were just neat, I had the mold for puppies, kittens and the boots and just made a bunch of them.

This is what I call a colorful table, it is filled with the centerpieces.
Very whimisical with all the base colors..

I was so lucky to have gotten this wonderful three sided store display, I covered the base in wrapping paper and added the title, "Allison in Wonderland" with the White Rabbit in his blue jacket and watch, gotta love that Johnny as the Mad Hatter

This is side 2, with the same title added,
I like this side the best 

The Third side of the display and yes that is a flamingo in the title.
They played Croquet with Flamingo Clubs.

I saw the Mad Hatter's Hat on the web and decided I needed to make one, I think this is so neat. 
Hubby really like the hat. The hat is made of cardboard, covered in dark gray fabric, black lace, with a blue silk band, a tag and of course the hat pins. (they are hard to see, a flower, snowflake and a old fashion button design)

This is one of my favorites, a rose topiary, with card men painting the Roses Red, on a painted board with felt flowers and the step stool.
 I just love the heart step stool my hubby made. The Card Men are white foam board, with red paper on the back, red hearts and numbers, they have pipecleaner arms and wrapped legs. Their shoes are wooden hearts hubby cut out, and they have a tiny paint can and brush made from posterboard.

I really like this one, The White Rabbit was a Ceramic Rabbit I found at a yard sale, I painted his jacket, added his bow tie and made him a clock, he sits in front of the tree stump that leads to Underland or Wonderland. The tree stump is a box, some cardboard and lots of paper mache, sitting on a painted board with moss and felt flowers. The nifty thing is!! This is a card holder, What, Where?? If you take the light hanging over the front door and lift it straight up, the wooden lid lifts up showing a slot for cards... NEAT>>  

Just another photo of the tree stump, so neat what you can make with some paper and glue and your imagination.

OH No,  this little card man's basket is empty, no roses to paint for him.  This basket will be filled a few days before the event. It will be filled with Chocolate Rose Buds in red and white. 

These are the Hershey Kiss Roses in red and white 

There are lots of Hershey Kiss Roses, but they are stored in a cool place,
don't want them to melt with the heat we have been having lately. 

That's all I can show, I did make something else but that is a secret and
I wouldn't want the secret to get out before the big event.
Did you notice the Card Men???  The event is on the 4th, Allison's Birthday, 
which is the Card Man by the basket
The Card Men painting the Roses are 1 & 2  which is how old she will be.....
 Happy 12th Birthday Allison.
There really aren't to many pattern's or instructions to share, I just made the stuff....
Kind of Hit or Miss so to speak...
That's, three kids, 2 Bat Mitzvah, 1 Bar Mitzvah down and three to go, but it will be awhile before the next one, and I am sure Heather wants a Fantastic Sweet Sixteen Party, but that will be in a few years...
Now you all know why I haven't been here for awhile, but family things are finished and I can get back to blogging and making quilts again, that is after I clean out my craft/sewing room again.


RoseMarie said...

wow! These are amazing projects! (found this via your posting on Cafe Mom) Do you have tutorials for any of these projects--even the hershey kiss roses?? I would love to feature them on my home entertaining blog, Let me know, thanks!!

Talin's Corner said...

Wow! You are amazingly talented. Your family is so lucky to have you. Now to go back to your post and look yet another time (I have looked at each pic several times).

Micki said...

What wonderful ideas for projects! I love Johhny Depp too...He is an amazing actor!

Kathy - mom of many said...

Wow, what a wonderful array of decorations and projects you put together for the event. Congratulations.