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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Wilton cake story !!!

I have not been posting on my blogs as much as I would like, due to me being really busy working on some special events.  Grand daughter are the reason for my absence, One got married Saturday and I made her cakes, and the other grand daughter is Jewish and will be celebrating her Bat Mitzvah in Sept. and I have been making all kinds of wonderful decorations for her event, I will post more on  The Allison in Wonderland tea party next week.

This past week I was working on a wedding for Melanie's step daughter Nikki.  Mel was to provide the wedding cake and she came to me. Now normally her sister Jenny would be the cake maker, but Jenny was already committed to another wedding she was doing for the same day. Jenny makes cakes and her hubby photographs the wedding and then Jenny edits, they work well together.

Mel asked if I would make the cake, and she would help as she has never done fondant. Nikki sent photos of cakes she liked, which were beach themed.  So I planned, I made decorations and I baked tier after tier, Friday Mel came in and got a lesson on fondant. Poor Mel, she didn't know that kneading fondant was so much work.  Oh and did I mention that Nikki called Mel on Wednesday and told her she had cancelled the groom's cake which was to be a red fish, because it cost to much.  So she asked if I could make a groom's cake as well as the wedding cake. Lovely Nana that I am, I started planning the groom's cake too.  I had offered to make it months ago, but now I only had two days to come up with something, so A Tackle Box Cake with a small fish was my choice.
Here are the results,

The start of the cakes, some of my supplies, My poor kitchen is such a mess after the cake, I will be cleaning powder sugar off everything for a long time, that stuff goes everywhere.

The Groom's Cake
Chocolate cake tackle box and butter cake red fish with edible tackle

Mel and me with the Tackle box cake, Mel had so much fun making the tackle out of fondant. I know I look a fright, but I had ran in between raindrops, and just finished the assembly of the cakes. It is a lot of work putting together a big cake.  

The Beach Themed Wedding Cake, This is one big cake, The tiers were decorated with marshmallow fondant, butter cream details (dots), transported to the location and the cake was assembled on site, finished with butter cream icing borders and white chocolate sea shells and starfish. I think it is beautiful and I know Mel is proud of it because she helped decorate it. She did say so many people wanted to know the name of my cake shop, because they want to order cakes, The groom's cake was a really big hit to, do you think I watch to much of the food networks cake shows?  I am a big fan of the Ace of Cakes.

I do want to mention that The Wilton Company Web Site was a big part of my Cakes, I used the Wilton round cake pans, 16, 12, 9 and 6 for the wedding cake, I used Wilton tips and bags for decorating and I went to the Wilton web site and downloaded the recipes for  the Chocolate Cake, Butter Cake, Butter cream icing, Cream Cheese Icing, and the Marshmallow fondant. A big thank you to the folks at Wilton for their wonderful web site. If you are planning a cake, stop by and have a look around, there are recipes, tips and hints, instructions, and so many ideas.. Plus many great products, check out the new pillow cake pans, they will be my next Wilton purchase.  

I also want to Thank my wonderful husband for making the cake bases, driving so careful to deliver the cakes, bringing in the cakes and supplies and for helping by adding shells to the tackle box cake. You are the best.

disclosure: I did not receive any payment for my mention of the Wilton site, I just wanted to inform you of the site that I used for my recipes and my inspiration.  There are some blogs that are hosting Wilton giveaways but I don't know who or where they are.

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