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Thursday, March 18, 2010

PIF Project

This is one of my charity quilts, it was delivered last weekend to a lady who is fighting cancer, she was in remission and now it is back. She wanted something to take to the hospital with her to keep her warm as she gets her treatments.  Sandi,  the recipentent of the quilt, is the lady in the back with the smile's, the other lady in the blue shirt is Sharon, she recommended Sandi for the quilt.

The puppy has a new name, new owner and soon a new home.
Two weeks ago I was contacted by not one, nor two but three people looking for puppies and they had my email from the ad we had in December.  All were told we had 1 little girl that was three weeks old. We waited until the little girl went to the vet and got her first shot and OK from the vet the she was healthy. I then contacted the first lady and she came out to see her. She wanted the little girl but her fiance just wasn't sure, he wanted a manly dog. Second lady was contacted and she came out Sunday, the minute she got out of her car and saw our beautiful little girl the lady said, I want her.  They looked at the parents and played with the baby. Both her and her husband fell in love with the little girl. I know Vicki wanted to take her home, but she was only 6 weeks and she needs to be with her mom for two more weeks. Just to make sure she gets the very best start.  Vicki emailed me and they had decided on a name, the baby girl is now Mitzi.  Next weekend Mitzi will make a trip to her new home, her new parents have been getting ready for her arrival. They got her food, treats, toys, collar, leash, puppy pads and rain gear.  Can you tell that little Mitzi will be one spoiled girl, oh thats right, not spoiled, pampered. We have one more week with her, then we will deliver her to her new home. She is one lucky little girl to be getting such a good home with this wonderful couple.

My Sad Encounter Today.
We have one of those black tub ponds in the front flower bed. I went out for the mail today and as I passed the pond I noticed something in the water.  From time to time I will find a mouse or frog floating in the water, but today it was bigger. It was almost as big as the puppy and it looked like a puppy but with bigger ears.  I fished the little creature out of the pond and it was a small bunny. Poor little thing was just trying to get a drink and must have fallen in. I get so sad when I see something like this. I know that a lot of creatures benefit from my ponds so I won't take them out but I wonder what I need to do so that a bunny can get a drink safely. I guess I  need to put the slate ramp back in the pond, maybe that would help.

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lv2scpbk said...

What a sweet, cute and adorable puppy.