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Friday, March 26, 2010

Baby's last night

Mitzi's new Quilt

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Mitzi's Puppy Bag

Mitzi is ready to go

Baby Girl or should I say Miss Mitzi is bathed, brushed and her bag is packed, she is ready to go to her new home. Tomorrow we will say good bye to this adorable little girl, she has been a real joy to have around. I am sure her new owners will love her as much as we did. She has had her bath, I used Fresh and Clean doggy soap, this is the best shampoo for dogs that I have found. The scent it leaves on the dogs is wonderful and it lasts for a week or so. I have her puppy bag all packed, and yes every puppy goes to their new owner with a puppy bag. I will admit that this puppy will have a little more in her bag. I pack puppy food, treats, puppy pads and her shot record in the bags, but this time I added a stuffed animal, her favorite toy and I made her a quilt. I know, this is really going a little to far but the new owners are so sweet and this puppy was really special, so I made Mitzi her own quilt. She and her mom have been using it so hopefully with moms scent on the quilt it will help her be a little less homesick.


lesthook said...

She is so adorable and what gift she is taking with her!

Barb said...

She is adorable!!

Ekip2 said...

What a cutie! Your puppy bag is so thoughtful - I love Mitzi's quilt - lucky lucky PUPPY! I know when we got our puppy (he is now 6) he really loved the stuffed animal with his Mama's - and litter mates - scent.