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Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Madness

What a way to start the week, I had thought things were all in line for today, but I was wrong. To start with, I had a eye doctor's appt. for this morning, than I find out the Sean had a appointment for the dentist to check a tooth that he has been having problems with again. So I cancelled his appointment and had planned to reschedule. Now are plans are to go to the eye doctor and than stop by the Florabama Auction house to pick up cabinets we bought Saturday night. But at 5 am I heard our littlest Maltese barking so I got up to see what was wrong with her. Seems she was in labor, now I wasn't expecting her to deliver till next week. Good thing Sean made the Whelping boxes yesterday. I woke Sean and ask him to help me, by the time he got to the living room we had a black puppy, two hours later she had a white puppy. Needless to say Sean called the eye doctor for me and rescheduled that appointment, I just couldn't leave the baby girl alone not knowing if she was going to have anymore puppies. I than called the dentist office and asked if they had cancelled Sean's appointment yet and she hadn't so he went down to have his tooth checked. When he got home he had cotton stuffed in his mouth and was now missing that tooth. Seems it was one that he has been having worked on for awhile. He had a root canal on that one and our Dentist was going to send him back there for a consult, he told her no, just pull it as that was what the other dentist would be doing. Yes we have been down that road before where he had a root canal done and than later the tooth had to be pulled. As for me I no longer will consider a root canal, to many problems. Now I had to call the auction house and reschedule our pick up. Nothing went as planned today, I just hope the rest of the week is better. Hubby is home recovering from his extraction, He called off from work, he can't take the pain meds and go to work, just to dangerous. Mariah seems to be done with having pups, so it looks like we have salt and pepper puppies, they are so cute and they are both little girls. Guess Sissy will be having her litter next week, yes she was in heat right after Mariah and Rascal got them both, Sissy is really getting big, I think she might have 4 pups. Bet you are wondering where the black pup came from being that Mariah is a white Maltese and Rascal is a champagne Pomeranian. Rascal's sire was a very dark blue Merle Pomeranian so the pup seems to be taking after him. So hard to tell if they are going to look like Poms, or Malteses or somewhere in between. Enjoy the first puppy pictures taken this morning...

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D said... darn cute. I love babies!
Dee and Skip