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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birthday Surprise

Sunday was Sean's birthday and Melanie and the kids came in to spend the day with him. Melanie got him slippers, cashews, and three of his favorite type shirts. She also took him to lunch at Captain's D's Seafood shop where they had the deluxe seafood platter. We also made a trip to Wal-mart, Kyle needed new sneakers as his old pair had a floppy bottom. Of course that turned out to be a little bit of a drama, we left the area and let Melanie deal with her son and his choices. Once he finally picked the pair he wanted, he was now Ok and things returned to normal. We than stopped by Big Lots, I needed to pick up some food storage containers. I had made Goulash (promised Melanie) and Sean made Chili on Saturday and we needed containers to send some home with Melanie. She won't have to cook for a few days. Later that day we finally got to take down the outside Christmas Lights, things just kept keeping us from this task. We were either sick with colds, or it was raining and we didn't want to put the lights away wet. Now all the decorations are tucked away in Sean's workshop until next year. This year the loft they are stored in is full, we bought items on sale after Christmas for next year. We got a new tree, new ornaments, and new outdoor blow ups for the yard.
Monday, Sean started to build the tables for my quilting frame, I think he has one almost done. He said he is building two tables that will sit side by side when I have it set up for King size quilts, if I want to do smaller quilts I will just use one of the tables. I made Pot Roast for dinner and baked a spice cake for Sean. I also finished another Candlewicking square (these will be used in a quilt instead of Pillows) Instead of starting another of the quilt squares I decided to give myself a break from that type of kits and I started on a Mill Hill beaded kit. These kits are small and I can do one in two days, they have some cross stitching and a lot of beading. I only have two left in my sewing stash, I need to find more of these little kits on ebay as I like to pull them out and work on them when I get tired of the big projects.
Puppy is doing really well, I will post a Puppy only post in the next few days, with pictures.

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