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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Winter is on the way

I have been dreading this time of year, the time that the plants lose all their leaves and freeze. Yesterday I pulled in all the potted house plants that had summered on the front porch. I am just hoping that this year nothing was hiding in the pots. Last winter I had a chamelon stow away in a plant and he stayed in the house all winter. Weather man was calling for frost last night and he was right. I found ice in the bird bath this morning so I know that it got cold... I think the heat did come on last night, not something it does that often this time of year. I also had to wear a coat this morning as we headed out for the Medical Center so Sean could have his test done... I really am not looking forward to cold weather, but at least we don't get snow and most of the time it is cool rather than cold here.
Sean and I are both are healing from falls we had, mine was two weekends ago. I tripped over a tree root and used my hands to break my fall, had x rays done and nothing broken, just some soft tissue damage. This weekend it was Sean's turn, he was headed to the car with a box of glass items from the auction and he tripped over a cement bumper in the parking lot. He went down, still holding the box. He skinned his hand, knee and elbow. Sunday he spent the day in his recliner with ice packs to relieve the swelling. This is not good, we are just getting to old to be rolling around the ground like that. He, like me felt stupid when we fell. We both looked around to make sure no one saw us...
I have been steadily working in the garage getting things in order in my new studio space and I am almost done and ready for the work to begin... Spent three days just cataloging the paints and glazes, I still have to finish the molds. I also found storage room for other craft items and last night I cleared out the dining room of all craft items.... slowly making progress here. besides it will soon be time to decorate for the holidays, which are fast approaching.

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