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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Deck the Halls.... with boughs of Holly

Well, we really didn't use Holly, we did however get the blue and white icicle lights up, decked out the bushes by the garage, hung the big snowflake at the peak of the house and hung the dancing snowflakes on the porch. Now I know it doesn't seem like much, but it took most of the day. Sean was up and down the ladder numerous times,he had to figure out how to get all the lights wired and he also got the snowglobe set up out front, and the deer by the pond. It all looks so nice, but than... As I make my way to the road to view all the lovely lights, Yep I look up and right at the peak there are lights out. It never fails, always some that just don't want to light. We checked the lights when we brought them home, oh yes these are new. We checked them as we unpacked them, and we even checked them as we were putting them up. But when all is finished, SURPRISE some are out... Sean said he will get out the ladder tomorrow and check to see what is wrong.... Tomorrow we will be getting the rest of the blowups set up in the back yard.. We have a lot of the blowup Christmas figures and I try to get a new one each year, so a couple of years ago I started having Sean put them up in the back yard. It makes the back look festive, they can be viewed from the street and they are always a hit with the kids.... Sean is not sure if he will be putting lights on his workshop this year... I pity the dogs though, they go out back and next thing they see is a giant polar bear, a rocking house, a bear that jumps out of a package, penquins and snowmen on a ride, the dogs are barking like crazy at all the strange creatures invading their space...
Leftover turkey for dinner, dishes to do than just take it easy the rest of tonight.

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