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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sticky Bun Sunday

It has been another busy weekend here. Saturday we did our normal running, we headed to Pensacola to visit Jenny and drop off Pecans. Than on to JoAnn's fabric, I needed more material for Christmas stockings I am making for the grand kids. Last stop of the day was Winn Dixie to get the rest of ingredients for Thanksgiving.

Sunday I cleaned the outside of Sean's workshop and used a sealer on it. Just a little preventive type work. I also worked a little in the garage, arranging things and setting up the work tables. Sean put wheels on my craft cart.

Opps, I almost forgot the best part of the day. I got out the bread machine, and mixed up some dough for Sticky Buns.... They took the better part of the morning to make, with the mixing, making the topping and filling and the waiting for the dough to rise. Than there is the baking and finally the end result, ooey gooey warm sticky buns right out of the oven. OK, I know I am not supposed to have this type of food, but a little taste won't hurt me. YUMMMMMMMM So good, just as I remember them from back home..... Don't they look good.....

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tc said...

and they are GOOD