Quilt Top by Me, Hand Quilted by my Mother, Doll crocheted by my Mother

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

finally, dolly is done

I have been letting my Dolly Mama project fall to the wayside lately... So last month I pulled another kit out and started working on it... Well, with taking care of things around the house, quilting, sewing and then getting so sick my Dolly was put aside.  Now that I am pretty much recovered from my surgery I picked up Dolly and once again started stitching.  This one for some reason took me forever but she is done and has joined the growing group of Dolly Mamas that are hanging out in the sewing room, patiently waiting to be turned into a quilt.  I think I counted 6 more kits waiting to be stitched.  I will make this Quilt with all my Dolly Mamas, I will put it on my bed,  and I can't wait to see hubby's expression when I do... He thinks my lovely Dolly Mamas are so ugly.. and he dosen't really think I will make them into a quilt for our bed... HA  he should know me better by now....I am driven to finish this project...

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