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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Puppies and kids

Last month some of the grand kids came for a visit and the first thing they headed for was the puppy play pen.  At the time we had two litters of puppies which were born two weeks apart. The grand kids love playing with the puppies and they each grabbed their favorite. Of course there is always the "Nana, can I please have a puppy" to which I reply that they have two dogs and their mommy and daddy think that is enough. For the most part just saying that is enough, but not this time.  This time our normally quiet and shy Becca let her feeling be know.  She wanted a puppy so bad and kept begging me to let her take one home. She had her favorite and even decided on a name.   I told her that her daddy didn't want another dog.  But she begged and begged. You could see the wheels turning as she tried her best to talk me into letting her take that puppy home.  But she left with out her new friend.  That weekend we stopped by her house and saw Phillip, he knew of Becca's wish and of course thanked us.  Guess Becca saw her dad as the bad guy who wouldn't say Yes.  But she was not finished in her venture.  Phillip said that she was in the house as we spoke and she was on the Internet looking up how to instructions... what subject you ask... Well, it was " how to talk you dad into letting you have a puppy"  Yep, she was a determined little girl.
We thought it was all over and that she had forgotten about the puppy, but a week later she came up with a plan.  She said we could keep the puppy at our house for her and she would come and visit him. 

the girls with puppies

Mo snatched up two

Em's picture perfect pose

getting puppy kisses from the little boy

Ally and her friend

Lizzy with her friend
and Becca and her favorite pup, that is the PLEASE NANA look. 
The whole time the kids were here the puppie played and were carried around, when the kids left the pups crashed. I think they slept the rest of the night.