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Friday, October 26, 2012

RIP my Kodak Camera

Rest in Pieces
My dear sweet camera

I am guilty, I have once again caused the early retirement of yet another camera.  I loved my Kodak's, so easy to use and the pictures are great for my blog and my charity group postings.
BUT Alas, I did it again,  another camera will now Rest in Pieces thanks to my clumsiness.
This is not the first camera to fall prey to my dropsy... there were others before.
One ended up in the pond,  but the last two had the same cruel fate.
I dropped them, they landed on the floor and it was enough of a hit to cause the lens not to function properly.  It clicked, it moaned  it tried and just didn't open, and there was no repairing it.  I did take the last one in for repair and was told that it would be cheaper to just buy a new one, which I did.
This time however was different, I told hubby it was dead, and he said we would go and get another one.  Well, with puppies on the way anytime now, I didn't want to wait till the weekend and besides I don't leave the house when the mothers are getting ready just in case.  So we made a quick trip to the base which is close to our home.  We looked in the display case, I didn't want anything to expensive, I mean lets face it, I am terrible at keeping the cameras alive.
BUT wait, hubby saw TOUGH camera,
 Shockproof, waterproof and freeze proof. 
Plus it was on sale, he didn't even ask me, he told the girl to wrap it up.
Guess he knows me to well....LOL
So I now have yet another new camera, one that if I accidentally drop it, I shouldn't hurt it, least not kill it. I mean if this camera was a patriotic special, made to withstand what our service men will put it through, then it should stand up to my dropsy's
OH and hubby told me that next time I want a new camera, I don't have to throw it on the floor.. I mean really does he think I would do such a thing,
 no, he was just being a wise guy as he was there when I dropped the last one.

So here it is, my new easy to use,  Olympus TOUGH camera
which means,
I can take photos of the new puppies, items my charity group sends
and quilts I make for my blog and my charity group posts.

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