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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another CCS Finish

Not to much to report lately, Kind of taking it easy and letting the hand heal.  Had to go to Hospital Sunday and have the Doctor check it and it was healing just fine.  So Stitches will come out in 7 days... Hubby continues to help by washing the dishes...  I have decided to wait to work in the garage until this is healed as it is like the sore thumb that no matter what you do you bump it and boy does that hurt. 

I forgot to show my last finish in CCS so here she is another Dolly Mama, this one is Senior Moment (this is me sometimes) ... I have been trying to work on another one (shoe shopper) just to keep my hand in use so it stays flexible. Besides I really hate just sitting and doing nothing.

I did spend two days entering online contests.. These were mostly sewing supplies, some craft supplies and lots of finished items.. there were tons of them, it was a big event that I almost missed.  But I got my entries in and maybe I will win some fabrics for my charity quilts.

I am now off to eBay, I plan on spending my garage sale earnings on some Accuquilt Dies... and yes I will use them when making my charity quilts... they are the main focus of my life right now.  It is so nice to make something for someone and they really appreciate it, and the Seniors who get the quilts just love them.

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ga447 said...

Love your xs, I was wondering if you could follow my blog.