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Friday, May 7, 2010

Another great giveaway

There is a great giveaway for Mother's Day  at Inchworm fabrics, follow the link and enter to win a  honey bun and pattern of your choice.


Inch Worm Fabrics said...

Thanks for blogging about my giveaway!!

Jennifer H said...

I entered the csn giveaway, thanx for the chance!

Judy said...

I am just so excited that I found you (from Giveaways 4 Mommy B'day giveaway). I thought it was interesting that you lived on the Gulf Coast, but to see that you are in Milton is too much. I am in Milton too! Do you know any other giveaway bloggers in our neck of the woods? Anyway, shoot me an email so we can connect.
beachbird2 at gmail dot com

ale balanzario said...

Oh I would love to win your giveaway!!