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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baby its cold outside

Photograph by Jenny

I live in the sunshine state called Florida, my only question lately is where is the sunshine. The backyard birds have taken up ice skating on the pond, fountains in the area are turning into ice sculptures and I am in hibernation mode. I moved here to get away from the Winter Blues, to enjoy the warmth of the sun. I will admit that most years our winters were really mild. After all we never pack away our summer clothes and the only reason I still own a winter coat was for my trips up north. This year has been different, we have had to many of those winter days. We even had the threat of snow. That alone would have kept me off the roads as most people here have never had to drive on snow and ice.
I guess you might say I have a good case of the Winter Blues, it is just to cold to venture far. So I stay in my warm house, in my recliner, covered with my blanket, and cross stitch. I am really making progress on Lavender & Lace's Celtic Summer. I also have the added layer of four legged warm bodies snuggling up to me, or maybe they are just trying to take over my blanket.
I am hoping the blues leave soon, as I really need to get into the craft/sewing room and clean. We are planning to venture out this weekend and pick up some storage tubs so I can start packing the items for Ally and Jack. Their stuff is in small boxes that are stacked all over the place. Besides now that the holidays are over I can start working on items for their special events.
Since I have been staying home and keeping warm, I have been spending a lot of time on the computer. I have been finding and entering blog contests and meeting a lot of new friends. I never knew there were so many people who crafted and blogged about it. So many talented women who will share their projects, ideas, tips and hints. Last night I met a woman who lived near my home town and she now lives in Ireland, I met her through a giveaway she was having. As for the giveaways, Yes I admit I am addicted to them but that is a good thing. After all it keeps me out of trouble, I meet lots of nice people, I read their blogs and I WIN things which is the best part. I LOVE WINNING, can you tell I get excited about winning things. I did really good last year with my winnings, I won patterns, material, kits, gift certificates and pin cushions. So far in January I have won Fiskars items, a Santa wall hanging kit and a Sampler cross stitch chart. I have my name in lots of contests, I will just keep my fingers crossed that I will get the email that says I won.


affectioknit said...

Oh my! Stay warm!

lesthook said...

I recently won a wonderful giveaway too. It is lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am 9 year old Emily of I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are getting off to a great start to the new year. I wanted to thank you for entering my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway. I know that that was a busy week for everyone trying to enter all of the contests and it was hard to actually take the time to get a good look at the blogs. So I would like to invite you back to my blog to look around and see if it is a place that you would like to come back and visit again. If so, please consider signing up as a follower and putting me on your blog list so you will know when I post. Thanks so much.


Micki said...

Try to stay warm! I can't imagine Florida being cold, but boy is it here in Ireland. Everyone loves to win..I agree!

Catswhiskers said...

very interesting post.
I am making a Lavender and Lace as well, but a Celtic Autunm Lady (I suppose I am very late now...)

sewmeow said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway on my blog, and becoming a follower. Don't we have fun with these crazy giveaways?? I do, for sure.