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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MORE Puppies

Finally, Sissy's puppies have arrived. She was acting up last night, trying to hide and than making a bed out of towels. So I decided that I would sleep on the sofa last night as I didn't want her having the pups in my bed. At 4:30 she was up prancing around the room and panting, but no pups, she went back to sleep. She continued this up and down thing ever hour or so all morning long, around 1PM she decided to get to work, she struggled for awhile,but we finally had a white female, about 1/2 hour later there was a tan female, followed by a silver merle male and about 1 hour later we had a white male. Thats it she is done, 2 boys, 2 girls and they are tiny, they make Mariah's 2 week old pups look like giants. I tried to take a picture but Sissy is hiding them and she won't leave the whelping box. Maybe later tonight I will get a picture on here. As for me I think I will take a much needed nap.

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