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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A little of this and that

boy im ugly
This is Piper, Melanie's puppy and she has a case of the puppy uglies too. To be truthful I think she is the winner. Roxy was ugly but she is coming out of the puppy uglies and she is getting a fuzzy coat, Piper looks like she is starting to come out too, but she still looks like a Gremlin after they transformed, just check out the ears.. She could take off with that wing span..LOL She is so sweet, guess we shouldn't be making fun of her, Ugly ducklings become beautiful swans one day.

Now for Jack, this is Jenny's oldest son and for the longest time we just weren't sure what he was doing. I said he was trying to look like a Jonas Brother, but maybe he was just trying to hide behind the mop of hair he had. Of course the GIRLS loved it, that might be why he let it grow and he says girls arn't important. RIGHT>>>

Thank heaven for summer camp, his parents made him get his hair cut for camp. Now they didn't make him get a crew cut or even a really super short haircut, just sometime a little neater. He can now see and I am sure he will be cooler too. Besides he is such a handsome boy and now we can see his face, now if Jenny can just get him to smile now and than. Jack is such a serious child, he always has been.

As for the home front, Just doing the ebay thing and the third listing was done is three sections, one part ended last night, one part ends today and the relisted part ends in two days. 1st part was Lavender and Lace cross stitch patterns sold almost all of them, second part was Stampin Up Stamps and right now they look like they are doing really good to, hopefully they will all sell. I still have tons of Mom's pattern books ready to list as well as a bunch of other stuff. Still learning on the shipping end and trying to get it right.

My remodel of the house has began again. Having two new puppies in the house is kind of a whole other subject. Rascal learned how to pull wallpaper off the walls in the hallway and then when Roxy moves in I find both pups in the hall, he is tearing paper and she is watching and learning. Yes, she learned really well, she has been caught a few times with parts of the wall paper. So the other night I proceeded to complete what the two pups started. Now this is not the first time a puppy has tried to redecorate the hall. When Sharon house sat for us when her dog Brownie was a pup, Brownie took off a big chunk of paper and even chewed the wall. Poor Sharon she was so upset by what her dog had done she didn't get any sleep that night and she called me the next day so upset. Gee, no big deal was my response, after all it was a puppy and puppies do that kind of thing, besides I had paper to repair the damage. This time, no extra paper so it has to be changed so I took all the wallpaper down, repaired pinholes, and now need to sand. Of course I was watched closely by two little poms, guess they couldn't figure out why I yelled at them for tearing down the paper and here I was tearing it off the wall. I was going to paint but Saturday on our yard sale outing I found a wallpaper that I liked and I got them for $1.00 for each roll. I don't think the guy was supposed to sell the wallpaper, but he kept saying he wanted his garage back, I wonder if he was in the dog house when his wife came home from work.. OH WELL

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