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Saturday, August 10, 2013

100 quilts for charity

This has been a busy sewing week for me... I finished a fish quilt for a young man who is in the hospital in Washington State getting Chemo.
Mitch's Quilt
I love the fabric I choose for the background as it looked like water and what better for the little fishes

This is another request Charity quilt for a 22 year old girl with MS. she saw one of the chicken quilts that was made for the nursing home while visiting her grandmother, she loves chicken as she use to help her grandpa take care of his chickens.  WOCS members stitched the chickens for her quilt, love the chicken fabric I found for this quilt

Another quilt made for WOCS using donated 4 season squares and members stitched the other squares for the quilt.
This quilt I am so proud of, Members had stitched ladybugs and we got enough for three quilts, this quilt uses all the silly ladybugs.. This is my 100th quilt that I have sewn, assembled, quilted and finished for The World of Charity Group that I belong to..  Being that it marks a special number I decided that it needed to be a special quilt.. so I thought funny ladybugs on a ladybug, how cute it that.. This quilt will go to a child either at Ronald McDonald house or the Abuse shelter when finished.

This quilt is a twin size for my grandson Jack... he requested Star of David as the embroidery design and wanted shades of blue.. I just need to quilt it and deliver to him..  This will finish the quilts for daughter # 2s family.. The other five quilts for the kids were delivered weeks ago, Jack didn't make up his mind till he saw those quilts.  Next will be quilts for my Son's daughters.. Just taking them one family at a time..

and Last is a texture quilt kit that I bought last weekend and put together for my niece in Ohio, she is expecting her second daughter.  I try to make two quilts for the babies.. one is a texture quilt like this one or a flannel rag quilt and then the Mom's get to choose a theme for the second baby quilt,
 this time she choose Mickey Mouse as her theme..
Check back later this week for the PUPPY DRAMA and grandchildren

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wilma b said...

I'm so impressed by all the quilts! Congrats on 100 finishes!!! And yes, that special ladybug quilt is perfect!