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Sunday, January 27, 2013

January highlights.

The boys posing or maybe just trying to escape.
There were three boys, each had a personality all his own
The largest puppy  was the bully, The little guy in the middle was the lover, and the white one was our escape artist.

Houdini and Romeo waiting to be picked up in their indoor doghouse.. or maybe I should call it the fun house as most times they would be playing inside and the house would rock and roll all over the house.
Thursday the last of the puppies left for his forever home.  So glad they all found good homes to go to, We already miss the little trouble makers. But we had a delivery of 4 more puppies last week, 2 boys and 2 girls.  Three are white and one is a Merle
I just finished three baby quilt tops for my charity group. The Teddy Squares were a donation to WOCS and the ABC squares were stitched by a member

Now they just need quilted, but my quilting machine is set up in the garage area and it is quite cold there, so I will wait till it gets a little warmer before heading in that direction. 
We are in the process of looking for cabinets to make a table for my quilt frame. We will be giving up the dining room and turning it into a quilting room.  At least the room will be used and not just a room to look at.
I also have numerous quilts designed on EQ 7 for the themes WOCS members stitched for... Plus Jenny requested a baby quilt for her friend and Mel wants a new Gown for their Halloween party, yes I said Halloween party, Thankfully she is giving me time to find a pattern for her gown.
I still have the quilts to finish for Jen's kids, but again it is cold in the quilting area right now..  This year will be my son's year for quilts. I have him asking his girls what they want for their quilts.
Good thing I like keeping busy.

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