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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve and things that occupied my time these past few months are all done. While most of my projects were completed there were a few left undone, but no fear as there is always tomorrow.  The world didn't end, so I have some extra time to work on those projects and start new one.
I found this lovely pair of carolers at a yard sale, I had to have them as they took me back to my childhood.  My Nanny lived with us and one of my favorite memories with her was to take her wax figures and attach them to a foam board. Each year the carolers, Santa's sleigh and reindeer were carefully unpacked and set up on their base, they were then lifted to the mantle where they welcomed holiday visitors.  Nan also had a wonderful Santa face that was made of a paper mache product, it was the most beautiful Santa face I have seen and it was hung above the mantle as well.. but over the years he has been lost.. and to date I have not found anything close to that wonderful decoration.
But back to Holiday finishes at the Coleman House
Our niece welcomed a little girl in November and this is the quilt I made for Miss Maddy,  Ariel chose the colors and bunny designs... so cute, and so is Miss Maddy.
in December
Peanut Brittle DONE and delivered
A family favorite
Getting ready to stuff the mugs

 Holiday Mugs filled, wrapped and delivered.  Mel comes in to help make the mugs, she also delivers some to her co workers at the nursing home

Gingerbread houses decorated and delivered
Mel and Kyle helped me with some of the houses. This is one I decorated for Jen and her crew.. you can tell by the Coke gummies on the roof, they are Jen's favorite. 
A train and station for hubby

a wedding bouquet for a friend of Mel who got married this month, I made all the flowers, cake topper and with Mel's help her cake, Mel also made cupcakes
She had a small wedding at Century Care Center, where the couple met.  Mel made sure they at least had some of the things a bride dreams about. Great Job Mel 
Quilts I finished for Century Care Center
Have a Heart quilt

Roses, Live, Love, Laugh quilt

Celtic Knots quilt

Holidays quilt

JBW Designs French Country Fashion

Family Quilt

Bird House #1

Bird House #2

Cupcake  theme
The following Redwork quilts were a rework.  One of the WOCS members made a quilt top for her grand daughter who had outgrown the design, Nancy donated the unfinished top and I took it apart and re worked it into 4 small lap quilts for the children charities we serve

a baby quilt from the same member which I finished

and a blue work quilt top that I finished.

this was the stack of mid year quilts that went out in the Holiday delivery with the December finishes.  Mel does the deliveries and she was having many medical problems so I decided that because it was so late in the year that we would wait and send these in December

 the van, loaded with all the quilts, tote bags, pillows and other items made by The World of Charity Stitching Group

Arriving at Century Care Center

Mel with her cart loaded, ready to deliver to the residents to make their holiday a little brighter.

The three boys waiting to go to their forever homes
 That all for this year, see you all in 2013
Don't forget to start the new year with a new project..
I think for my CCS project I will start another Dolly Mama while I am watching the Rose Parade
Happy New Year

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