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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Donate to furry friends

Miss Minnie

Meet Miss Minnie, she is a little Min Pin that we met at our local animal shelter.  Minnie is waiting for her new family to take her to her new forever home.  Minnie is just one of the many furry friends that find their way to the shelter each month.  While the shelter is quite lovely and the staff are really great with these homeless animals there is still a need for YOU to get involved.  Now, I know the not everyone wants to take on a new pet, but you can still make a difference. You can donate to your local shelter, they are always in need of food, blankets, towels, treats, toys, cat litter, food bowls and yes they will even take cash donations.  I see so many people on my freecycle group that are offering old blankets and towels, I always email them and tell them their local shelter would make good use of the items.  What about the stuffed animals that have taken over your child's room and they don't want anymore, YES the dogs and cats would love to play with them while they are waiting to be adopted, after all it can get quite boring just sitting in a kennel looking cute. 
What were we doing at the local shelter, NO we were not adopting a pet, I have in the past, My little min schnauzer came from a shelter, my Dalmatian  was adopted at a shelter, we took Mel to the shelter one year and adopted two husky puppies that went to the grand kids.  As you can see we have welcomed some of the pound puppies into our home, but not this time. This time we were just taking a 50 lb bag of dog food in for the dogs.  We try to drop off 50 lbs every month, I think that next month we will go to the dollar store and pick up a bag of toys for the dogs and cats to play with.

If you have the means of buying toys or food, or if you have some old blankets or towels you are thinking of throwing away, then just load the car and make a trip to your local shelter.. while you are there take a walk down the aisle and visit all the furry friends who are just waiting for someone to love.
If you child is involved in a group like girl scouts, boy scouts, boy or girls clubs or even just as a schools helping hand type project, have them visit the local shelter and host a drive for the furry friends.  One local scout troop took on the shelter as a project and they collected $ 400. worth of supplies for the shelter.
Remember You Can Make a Difference

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