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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Still not moving to well

Sorry to say that once again I missed another Fun Friday... I wasn't thinking when I left the message last week that I would post this week.  How could I forget that I was scheduled for surgery on Friday... Must have been a senior moment.... But I didn't have the surgery Friday, I had it on Tuesday.... Doctor was going to be out of town so it was moved to earlier in the week.  I really don't know what is wrong with my mind, but I thought I would have the surgery and be up and around like new... WRONG.... Surgery took longer then expected because there was more damage then thought, seems there was a lot of scar tissue that needed to be removed... Didn't get out of the hospital till after 9pm.  Came home and went to sleep, so Tuesday was one of those lost days.  Wednesday the block on the leg was starting to wear off, but I was still on crutches, just couldn't put any weight on the foot... Thursday the same thing, take pain pills and sleep, I did talk to the nurse about the pain in the foot and was told how to make it go away and it worked. Bandage was just to tight and foot had swollen.. so Friday it was feeling better and I only took two pain pills all day.. but still doing more resting then anything... Today the foot feels pretty good, and I am able to put some weight on it.  I am working on getting off the crutches... But today I will again, Ice the foot and keep it elevated so it doesn't swell.  At least DH is home this weekend and he can help me with things.
So since I didn't get Friday's Blast from the Past posted I will put in some blog videos of my home town.. First one is on Lancaster County in the snow  and the second is Lancaster in the spring... I pulled these from the Lancaster county Pa website.... Enjoy and I will be back real soon...

PS.. One World, One Heart is now over, I sent out my three door prizes, and I won a couple, Sean had set his blog up for Melanie and he and I both entered drawings in her name and she won a few.. Also there were quite a few who sent Melanie cards of encouragement.  Some even sent her supplies to get her started in her crafting again..

Lancaster County in the Winter

Lancaster County in the Spring

See you next week


Anonymous said...

So you are in mennonite or amish country...beautiful scenery. We have the mennonites not far from us in St Jacobs and we have a covered bridge not far from us in West Montrose.

ga447 said...

Love the photos of Lancaster, PA. I lived up in Hawley, PA for a few years and miss it terribly.

Inch Worm Fabrics said...

Surgery isn't fun. Hope you have a fast recovery.