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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Catching up: GO. PIF. PUPPY. Charity Quilts, ETC

I have been trying my best to get caught up on all the things I have in the works... Tonight I quilted two of the quilts for Century Care Center and it looks like that is what I will be doing all week. I have 7 that I am trying to get finished so they can be delivered to the center.  There is also a box of goodie bags, eyeglass cases, book marks, books, and cards that will be delivered as well.  I think Peggy will be delivering 30 tote bags to a abused women and childrens shelter from our group. WOCS has been really busy and we have had a wonderful year with all the donations we managed to produce.

I also want to let you all know that my GO has made it safe and sound.  The lady from JoAnn's  mailed it on a Monday and I had it the next day.. BUT I have been good and I only opened it long enough to look at it and show it to my husband.  He told me it needed to be wrapped, I think not... But with all that is going on, I won't get the chance to try it out until later... But it is here and I am Ohhhh and Ahhhh over the dies... So if you have a source for the dies at a really good price, Please let me know.

The main purpose for this post was to show you the wonderful bag I recieved in the mail.  I haven't had time to post about it till now..  This past summer I participated in a Pay it Forward giveaway... I think it was the beginning of November when my gift showed up and I needed to wait until the other two ladies recieved their bags, after all I didn't want to spoil the surprise..  The Pay It Forward worked like this,,, my name was selected, and I would recieve a gift made be Marj... in turn I would select three people to send a gift I made to them and they would select three and so on and so on... The gifts I sent varied as I made them from what I learned from each lady.  Here is the gift I recieved from Marj..
Marj made me a lovely purse, and inside I found a appointment book, a tape measure, a quilt pattern and a box of Chocolates... 
Have you been to Marj's site, it is the Eclectic Quilter, I visit her site quite often as she always has something in the works... Her quilts are just beautiful, she is always working on different patterns.. She also makes these purses and I noticed in a past post she made them and gave to her family and friends.. You should see the quality of Marj's work, it is stunning..  My Pay it Forward was fun.... but now I am into the mug rug swaps on my Yahoo group, CafeMoms...

 I also made Mug Rugs for my Mother In Law, I bought a group of Christmas Mugs, filled them with Hot Chocolate mix and Teas, added some candies, put the Mug Rug around the Mug and wrapped in Tulle and tied with a bow.  She will be giving these to her friends, and family this holiday season..
So these boxes are ready to ship along with the Christmas Cards.. a quick trip to the post office and off they go.

Puppy Update:
All the puppies have been sold so there is no more pitter patter of little feet around the house.. They were fun but I was ready for them to go, after all the longer they are here the more attached I get.. 

Foot Update:
I did have another appointment with the foot doctor last week and I broke down and asked for the second injection in the foot. Not that I really wanted to go through that again, but the foot just isn't healing this time. I am doing a combination of Meds, injections, stretching exercises and Ice and it is just not getting better... But I think the last time I had this problem it took three injections before they worked....  

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Melissa said...

You really are busy! I love Christmastime, but the stress is not something I would enjoy all year!! Glad you have your Go! save and sound. I have so far found Amazon to have the best everyday prices on dies even with the shipping. I am sure you can find sales, but for everyday pricing, Amazon is good. And they have a great wishlist you can create and email to Santa!! I'm not envying you your foot, but I am sending my sincerest hope that it feels better sooner than soon!!