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Friday, February 26, 2010

Meet the baby

As I promised in a previous post I will let you know about Mariah and the surprise she gave us. January 31 I awoke to a surprise. I got up and went to let the dogs out of their room and into the yard. Mariah never came out of the room, so once the others were out of the house I proceeded to go and check on the little girl. To my surprise she was in her bed and hiding something that was squeaking, no it wasn't a mouse although it was that size. I moved her leg and found a little black puppy, I moved Mariah out of the bed to take her outside and found a brown puppy. Our little girl had delivered two very tiny pups and no we didn't even know she was pregnant, guess that is why the pups were so tiny. They weighed in at around 1 ounce. We decided to stay home that weekend instead of our normal running around town, just to make sure things were ok. Melanie and the kids came out Sunday and new mom and pups seemed fine. Monday I checked the pups and did a weight on them, the black one was gaining and the brown one was losing weight and seemed dehydrated. I was concerned that the black pup was keeping the little brown one from feeding so we headed to the pet store and picked up some puppy formula just to give the little kid a fighting chance. She continued to go downhill and Tuesday she was gone. Poor little Mariah she was still trying to take care of this little kid who didn't move. I let her have the puppy with her a little while and then sent her outside for a potty break and proceeded to get the puppy and wrap it up for burial. Mariah missed her for most of the day and continued to look for her, it broke my heart watching her. By Wednesday she seemed back to normal and was taking care of the black kid. Well the little black has been doing super well, she is growing bigger every day.She is now over one pound, her main activities are eating and sleeping. She tries to play a little and trying to cut in the puppy teeth mainly on my arm or fingers. She will be 4 weeks Saturday and is walking, or at least trying to. She looks like she is a little drunk as she tries to get her feet under her. She is already using the puppy pads and tonight she escaped from the whelping box and ended up in the dining room. I think she was looking for the other dogs as I let her play in the living room with them. The Pom's have taken to her and seem really gentle with her. I have posted some of the baby's pictures, she is so cute. I have had two people who were looking for pups in December email me and are interested in this little girl.
Pups the day they were born
puppy at 2 weeks
puppy at 4 weeks

I have also been working on a Quilt for a lady who is fighting Cancer. This was a request from a member of my World of Charity Stitchers group. Because this quilt needed to be done really quickly, I choose a snowball block for the CCS heart squares and a 9 patch for the other blocks. The photo is not showing the true colors which are shades of purple, pinks and greens and burgundy. The top is done and I made enough of the blocks for a lap quilt for the nursing home. Next week I hope to have it quilted and ready to deliver.


Barb said...

How cute...sorry about the one puppy. What a fun surprise you your quilt!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

What a sweet puppy. Such a little bug!
Sorry to hear about Mama being upset about the one you (she) lost. We've whelped four litters through the years. Three were nine pups each and the fourth had ten, but Mama knew there was something wrong with one of them and in the morning that pup was gone. Usually the moms know, but sometimes they just don't want to let go. (And who can fault them for that)

Your quilt is beautiful, and I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated.


Regina said...

The quilt is lovely. I know the woman receiving it will LOVE it!!!

SO happy that you have a new family member and so sad that one didn't get to stay long. What a great surprise and a story you can tell for a long time!!! Thank you for sharing.


Valerie said...

So precious! The quilt is too!! Love your blog!